Luxury Ice Cream

Made Fresh Daily In-Store

Fancy a LICC-le Treat?

We serve more than just great gelato. Visit us for milkshakes, hot & cold drinks, cakes and lots of yummy desserts! We also have lots of desserts & drinks available for take-away.

Authentic Italian Yorkshire Gelato

We make handmade artisan gelato, made daily in-house each morning.
Blending the best ingredients from Italy with a Yorkshire twist and some flavours from all over the world, thrown in!

Milkshakes & Freakshakes

Choose from either a creamy Mrs Whippy creation or go premium with one of our handmade gelato shakes.
For our freakshakes come visit us for our weekly hand-crafted monster creations!

LICC Desserts & more

We’re excited to launch our brand new summer 2022 menu full of yummy cakes, waffles & sundaes, to name a few! Head over to our full menu to see what grabs your tastebuds!

Daily Made Flavours

Fresh’n Delish!

We make gelatos each morning in our very own LICCle on-site parlour kitchen in York.

Hand-crafting new, weird & wonderful… & old favourites to satisfy everyones tastebuds who comes to visit.

We have now introduced takeaway pots so you can take your favourite flavours home to Netflix & chill!

Hand-Crafted Vegan Ice Cream

Dairy Free

Our dairy-free & vegan gelato is beautifully created from traditional Italian ingredients just like our other yummy gelato but to a unique recipe that makes it free from all dairy products. Then in store it is crafted in to beautiful artisan flavoured gelato using fruits, biscuits and sweets, among some of the ingredients we blend the mix with that are always selected because they are dairy free & vegan. 

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Warm Winter Wishes & Luxury Ice Cream Dishes

Warm Winter Wishes & Luxury Ice Cream Dishes

It’s that time of year again where the weather takes it’s turn (please note I hate talking about the weather .. it’s such a British thing!) and out come the cozy oversized sweaters, knits, cute hats, knee high boots, Pumpkin spice everything … you get the idea. Our...

Did you know?!

Did you know?!

Did you know that we have a sister location on the most iconic street in York? THE SHAMBLES: Recognised globally one of the oldest streets in the UK a beacon for Harry Potter fans and simply one of the most magical streets you’ll ever lay eyes on. It is one of York’s...

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Our LICC-le Parlour

In the heart of beautiful York


A little idea back in 2010 of using authentic Italian ingredients fused with a splash of Yorkshire saw the creation of The Luxury Ice Cream Company York – or how we like to call it LICC! Over 12 year this little shop in the heart of York has amassed over 600 flavour creations from vanilla to blue cheese and pear. Some flavours have been inspired by you!

LICC-le Cart for Hire

Taking bookings now!

The Luxury Ice Cream Company’s award winning gelato is on the move! If you’re looking for a fabulous accessory for your special day or amazing event, then look no further!

Our cart comes fully staffed and is special and unique because we will work with you to make your very own bespoke handmade gelato combinations. These may incorporate your dietary needs, theme or colour scheme! So, while you enjoy the party, we’ll keep your guests entertained with some of Yorkshire’s finest gelato made fresh on the day of your event.

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