Fresh, daily-made

Ice Cream

Handmade Yorkshire Gelato

We make our gelatos every morning in our very own LICCle on-site parlour kitchen. Hand crafting new, weird & wonderful…and old favourites to satisfy everyones tastebuds who come to visit us. 

Some Popular Flavours…


Mint Choc Aero

Double Black Cherry

Turkish Delight

Strawberry Eton Mess

Espresso Coffee & Choc Beans

Bubblegum & Jelly Beans

Cookie Monster

A ‘Kraken’ Rum & Raisin


Oreo Original

Chocolate Brownie

Bakewell Tart

Strawberry Compote, Clotted-Cream Cheesecake

Birthday Cake

Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter

…to name just a few!

You just never know what new flavours might pop up on our menu – come and take a look for yourself!

Gelato vs Ice Cream

Gelato is the traditional, Italian version of ice cream. It’s origins are lost in the mists of time, however everybody agrees that since ancient times humans enjoyed elaborate desserts of snow mixed with honey and fruit juices. The origins of the modern Italian Gelato can be traced back to the Florentine Renaissance where many of the current recipes were developed.

Today, Italian Gelato is pretty much done with the same recipes and techniques used hundreds of years ago whilst modern day Ice Cream takes advantage of several modern technologies.

The 3 main differences:

Dairy Free

Vegan Gelato & Sorbets

Our dairy-free & vegan gelato is beautifully created from traditional Italian ingredients just like our other yummy gelato but to a unique recipe that makes it free from all dairy products. Then in store it is crafted in to beautiful artisan flavoured gelato using fruits, biscuits and sweets among some of the ingredients we blend the mix with that are always selected because they are dairy free & vegan.

Our little shop will do everything we can to ensure that it stays true to its original intended form. The machine we use to craft these beautiful products is used to make all our other gelatos but it is sanitised and washed out after every gelato is made. We know that for some people this may impact their decision making and we prefer to stay honest with everyone given them an informed right to chose what to put in their bodies. This is also the case with our homemade sorbets.

Vegan Favourites


Bakewell Tart

Chocolate Bourbon Biscuit

Pistachio Nut

Mango Sorbet

Chocolate Orange

We always have a selection of vegan, dairy free and gluten free gelato available on the menu. However, we recommend visiting early on hot days for these to be cautious and not be disappointed!

At the heart of ethical food consumption is a plant based diet. By staying focused on this, we stand a better chance of delivering a product and service which can improve the world we live in.

We’re not perfect but we are striving to be a kinder, a more responsible producer and retailer. This means sourcing more sustainable ingredients from like-minded suppliers. This will always be an ongoing mission for LICC. However, as all our gelatos and sorbets are made using the same equipment, this may not suit everyones ethical needs or allergen requirements. We hope in the future to be able to increase our machinery to avoid this.

Our sorbet are just delightful and refreshing, They are also a nice treat, free of fat and rich in health benefits of fresh fruits. ” Our raspberry sorbet is rich in carotenoids, antioxidants, essential vitamins and fiber. ” They are much better alternatives to a creamy gelato or rich desserts.

What's your LICCle wish?

If you have a new, weird or wonderful wish for a gelato flavour we'd love to hear from you. If it makes it on to our menu you'll be the first to know for a free taster!

Doggy Gelato

Best Friend Snacks!

Don’t forget that we cater not only for the humans! Our doggy gelato is the PAW-fect treat for your furry friends. Made using our unique vegan base mix and water, this gelato is a healthy treat that won’t upset your pup’s tummy. Whilst we would love to have it on display, we keep this product in the back away from the human treats so you must ask a member of staff for it. Served in a tub with an extra dog biscuit on top!

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